IP Telphony platform: New custom features

The powerful Asterisk AGI scripts can add more functionality and features to your current platform, Asterisk AGI can interact with different databases to integrate cost-effective and reliable solutions. Quality NOC develop scripts to automate routine tasks such as IVR systems and database integrations. Manage incoming and outgoing calls, route calls, and store data in your database. Customize menus, and handle after-hours calls and voicemail. Track call logs and customer interactions for better business decisions. Our user-friendly scripts are easy to install and configure with extensive documentation and support available.

Take your business communication to the next level with our Asterisk AGI scripts.
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About Asterisk AGI

AGI is analogous to CGI in Apache. AGI provides an interface between the Asterisk dialplan and an external program that wants to manipulate a channel in the dialplan. In general, the interface is synchronous – actions taken on a channel from an AGI block and do not return until the action is completed.

On This PageAGI Libraries and Frameworks


Name Language Website Protocols
Adhearsion Ruby http://www.adhearsion.com/ AMI/FastAGI
Asterisk-Java Java https://asterisk-java.org/ AMI/FastAGI
PAGI PHP https://github.com/marcelog/PAGI AGI
PHPAGI PHP http://phpagi.sourceforge.net/ AGI
Panoramisk Python+AsyncIO https://github.com/gawel/panoramisk AMI/FastAGI
Pyst2 Python https://github.com/rdegges/pyst2 AMI/AGI
StarPy Python+Twisted https://github.com/asterisk/starpy AMI/FastAGI
Nanoagi C++ http://sourceforge.net/projects/nanoagi/ AGI
AsterNET .NET (C#/VB.net) https://github.com/skrusty/AsterNET AMI/FastAGI
Ding-dong node.js https://www.npmjs.com/package/ding-dong AGI
astive Java https://github.com/fonoster/astive FastAGI
FastAGI-Go Go https://github.com/BlayD91/FastAGI-go FastAGI
astgo Go https://github.com/wenerme/astgo AMI/AGI/FastAGI

source: https://docs.asterisk.org/Configuration/Interfaces/Asterisk-Gateway-Interface-AGI/